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Provincial Boat Havens

Early in the 1990's The Council of B.C. Yacht Clubs, through its members, embarked upon the task of formulating a catalogue of anchorages throughout the coast of British Columbia. The locations were finally decided, made into a list and their locations noted.

There was substantial assistance by Provincial Government departments associated with coastal issues. About 1996 Provincial Government Ministers were presented with this catalogue in the form of a proposal requesting that these locations be officially recognized and preserved as Safe Haven Anchorages. Intended for the specific use of small vessels where there would be reasonable confidence of secure anchoring on arrival and a peaceful night.

Any process involving Government is inclined to be a lengthy undertaking but progress has been made. Every one of the locations are now digitally recorded on maps used by Government agencies but to date not all are fully protected from other uses.

Use the menu below for details of these safe anchorages. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader for this, which you can download by clicking here.

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