9 Top Yachts of British Columbia that you should know about

Anyone can watch three things forever – the fire burning, the water flowing, and one of the Top Yacht in British Columbia sailing by.

Want to know what are the Top Yachts in British Columbia? Our website cbcyachtclubs.ca will be happy to tell you.

These yachts are ranked according to their size in ascending order.


Top 9 Greatest Yachts in British Columbia

Crescent Senator

This stunning 36,6-meter Top Yacht was built by the Crescent shipyard. She passed all tests in 2003 and was delivered to her owner. Jack Saric developed the exterior design in close collaboration with Cc Yachts’s yacht design firm.

The interiors were designed by Robin Rose & Associates. This is a fabulous yacht with many attributes and luxuries on board, including a wide range of services and leisure facilities.

Crescent Senator Canadian
Crescent Inside
Valkyrie​ Yacht
Valkyrie​ Inside


The Crescent Shipyard built this 37-meter luxury Top Yacht in 2001. Eight guests and five crew members can be comfortably accommodated aboard this impressive vessel.

Valkyrie was initially designed by Robin Rose & Associates and is named after the Norse mythological warrior-girls who served Odin and escorted his fallen warriors to Valhalla, the mountain paradise.


Originally called Baroness Lady Crescent, this luxurious 38-meter motor yacht was built at Crescent Shipyard in Canada in 2004. She can accommodate up to ten passengers and six crew on board.

The exterior of this superyacht was designed by Jack Sarin’s design firm in collaboration with Cc Yachts, while the exquisite interiors are the work of Robin Rose & Associates.

Olga Yacht
Olga Inside
Keri Lee Yacht
Keri Lee Yacht Inside

Keri Lee

The 42-meter motor yacht Keri Lee was built at Richmond Yachts in 2004. Her beautiful exterior results from close collaboration between Setzer Design Group and their experienced craftsmen, Sovereign Yachts.

She can reach cruising speeds of up to 15 knots, with 3,000 nautical miles. In terms of extravagant luxury, it is one of the most famous motor yachts built by this famous Canadian shipyard.

Playpen (Princess Sarah)

Originally known as Princess Sarah, this 43-meter Top Yacht was built in 2007 by Richmond Yachts of Canada. She has an impressive exterior styling that the yard’s engineering team worked with representatives from Design Group Setzer to create.

Playpen Yacht
Copasetic Yacht
Copasetic Yacht Inside


This 43-meter custom-built superyacht was custom built-in in 2006 by Hike Metal Works of Wheatley Shipyard in Canada. The exterior styling and clean lines are the work of Guarino, while the interior is the work of the Gold Coast Design Studio team.

Copasetic has five cabins that can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. In addition, three crew cabins will also be available.


With its 44m superstructure and the luxury Top Yacht, this superyacht was also built by Richmond Yachts in 2007. Sunchaseris a cruising vessel with the ability to cruise for long periods without refueling

The Sunchaser can accommodate 12 guests aboard. There is also a VIP cabin on the upper deck and a separate Captain’s stateroom. Amongst the
exclusive facilities for an unforgettable holiday are the presence of a Jacuzzi and Spa on the upper deck and a small crescent-shaped bar that can seat five people. The vast open-air space allows for sunbathing and is ideal for parties.

Sunchaser Yacht
Sunchaser Yacht Inside
Excellence Yacht
Excellence Inside

Excellence V

Another impressive 80-meter motor mega yacht from Richmond Yachts. Design Group Setze did the exterior design.

She accommodates 12 guests in 6 luxury cabins, the Captain’s stateroom on the main deck and a VIP cabin on the Bridge deck. In addition, on the lower deck are three double places.

A significant advantage of Excellence V is her speed capabilities. The yacht can reach the maximum speed of 18 knots, while the cruising
rate is 16 knots, and the boat can travel 3,500 nautical miles at 12 knots.

Christina O

Christina O is a stunning 99-meter superyacht with a commanding presence. She was purpose-built for Aristotle Onassis and named after his daughter. Many world-famous celebrities, from politicians (John Kennedy, Winston Churchill) to great artists (Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.), have been on board this superyacht.

This mega yacht accommodates guests in 18 luxury cabins, 10 of which are on the main deck and eight on the aft deck.

Christina O Yacht
Christina O Inside
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