Top Yacht Clubs of British Columbia That You Must Know

Vacation on a yacht is not only warm sea and sunbathing on the deck with a glass of champagne in hand. It is also snowy mountain tops, rocky cliffs, mists, fairy fiords, and glaciers. For those who are ready for severe tests and real sea adventures, it is worth renting a yacht in British Columbia. Of course, it is better to organize your trip in the summer and take care of the equipment in advance. Just imagine how great it would be to sail to the queen charlotte islands and back without rushing, enjoying every second.


Yachting in British Columbia and the Rest of Canada​

Canada remains one of the most tempting and unusual options for yachting. The central and north coast (north of Johnston strait) is conducive to yachting.

It is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness with islands, bays, fjords, lakes, snow-capped peaks, dense forests, and national parks. You can watch seals, killer whales, and dolphins live in the wild in the Pacific Ocean. Salmon are abundant, with five species so that you can combine a yacht vacation with fishing.

At the same time, Canada is impressive with its modern cities, where everything is thought out for a comfortable and harmonious life. Suffice it to say that Vancouver has been voted “The Best City on Earth” three times by the prestigious British magazine.

Johnstone Strait
Vancouver Yacht Club
Vancouver Greenest

The most suitable time to go yachting in Canada is summer when the temperature is around +25C, and it rarely rains. And the climate, for example, in British Columbia, a western province of Canada, is very similar to the Mediterranean. It is one of the most attractive yachting destinations for yachters. British Columbia has a striking concentration of national parks and a wealth of flora and fauna, which, combined with safe anchorages, make it an ideal place for yachting. It’s convenient to rent a yacht in Vancouver and take an exciting trip to the nearby islands.

It’s a must to get to Victoria, Canada’s most British-inspired city, where gardens and parks cover nearly 8,000 hectares and the harbor is lively with restaurants and typical English pubs.

Yachting in Canada is a choice for experienced skippers, as navigating these waters has its challenges:

Strong Winds

Strong wind that change direction

High Tides

High tides

Long Passages

Long passages in search of suitable anchorages

During the period from May to September, tornadoes are possible. It is worth bearing in mind that the unaccustomed Lateral B system operates here: the right side is marked in red, the left – in green.

The choice of yachts for charter is not significant. You can rent a sailing yacht in Canada, primarily small, 40 feet. For cruising inland waters, the cozy, slow-moving houseboats are also famous.

What is BC Yacht Club, and Why is It Needed?

BC Yacht Club

Speaking of British Columbia boating, the council of BC yacht clubs is a must. Today there are more than 50 BC yacht club members on the board.

Our yacht club prides itself on such members as:


The importance of the BC Council of the yacht clubs cannot be overestimated, as it is the club’s advocate and liaison between the clubs, federal, provincial, municipal agencies, and the private sector, and also solves a lot of issues in particular, the use of bc provincial boat havens, etc.

Top Yacht Clubs of British Columbia

We will tell you about the top yacht clubs of British Columbia.
All the clubs are members of the BC Council of the yacht clubs.

Burrard Yacht Club

Located in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada, the Burrard Yacht Club is one of the best-known yacht clubs in British Columbia and Canada.

This club has sailboats and motorboats ranging up to 60 feet in length. Today the services of this club are enjoyed by its 300 regular members. They are provided with a boat insurance policy, access to a safe berth, additional discounts on various services, and much more.

This yacht club pays special attention to children, introducing special children’s programs and holding racing events.

The club’s location makes cruises along the Indian stream and cruises along the Georgia Strait very convenient


Crescent Beach Yacht Club

If you’ve been planning a trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island or to see queen charlotte island for a long time, it’s best to do so with a delicious meal prepared for you by the professionals at Crescent Beach Yacht Club.

Most importantly, don’t forget to make your reservations ahead of time, as there are a lot of customers of this club. In addition, this club will provide you with everything you need for professional yachting.

There is a quiet berth within reach of the San Juan Islands and South Bay. It is also worth noting that the yacht club is one of the old-timers and was established over 40 years ago to make motoring and sailing as comfortable and safe as possible for everyone.


Eagle Harbour Yacht Club

Eagle Harbour Yacht Club was founded and incorporated as a non-profit organization in June 1969. To date, more than 150 members have joined this yacht club. Although the yacht club has only 95 berths, it provides high-quality service and a full range of motor and sailing activities.

The main goal of this yacht club is to remain a small but very comfortable and friendly place for all members.

One of the features of Eagle Harbour Yacht Club is its own children’s club and sailing school.


All of these clubs are a genuine pride of British Columbia. Each has its unique features and benefits, but you can be sure that it will be the right one whichever choice you make.